Our Hebrew women are ready to partner with you throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and bringing your baby home. We are thrilled to partner with our expectant mothers walking through the process of delivery and through the time you bring your baby home! We have great expectations regarding all the LORD has planned for you and your family and look forward to ministering to you along the way!
You're expecting? Congratulations! Here are your next steps:  


Complete a "We're Expecting" card. This card can be picked up from the church’s administrative office and submit after completion.


Your name and due date will be posted on our Expectant Parent Board, (with your permission). Once you deliver, we will add a pink or blue bow to your name to announce the birth of your baby!


You will be assigned an Encourager. This encourager is a seasoned mom who will contact you regularly and pray for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Your encourager will also bring a meal to your family upon delivery.